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With A Glucose Meter You Can Forget About Being In A Risk Group

A glucose meter is a medical device, which is used to determine the concentration of glucose in blood. A glucometer is the main element for home monitoring by people, who have hypoglycemia. A  blood drop is placed on a strip, which is read by a meter and is used to calculate the glucose level.

Glucose test meters improve the quality of glucose. The new technologies use very small drops and give very fast results. They trigger alarms and speak louder. These devices can store a lot of different information and can be bought at moderate prices.

Glucose testing meters are very practical as their normal size is of a palm of a hand, but there can be larger and smaller ones.

A glucose meter must be used by people, who have diabetes and need to monitor blood sugar level. The results taken by glucose test meters can be used to define daily adjustment in treatment, they help to know if a person has a dangerous level of glucose (high or low), they assist in determination of diet rules and exercise courses. 

There is no single answer to how often to test the blood. There must be doctor’s recommendations. You should set glucose goals and treat blood glucose according to a health care provider.

The Accuracy Of The Test

With A Glucose Meter You Can Forget About Being In A Risk Group


Usually the accuracy of a glucose meter is a burning topic of a clinical concern. The devices should meet all the standards that are set by the ISO. But, there are many factors which affect the accuracy:

 ● calibration;
● ambient temperature;
● pressure;
● quality and size;
● the quality of a test strip;
● the quality of glucose testing meters;
● hematocrit;
● temperature, altitude, humidity;
● different models have different sensibility.

Today many glucometers use an electrochemical method. The strips of a device have capillaries, which suck up tested blood.

Choosing The Right Glucose Testing Meters

With A Glucose Meter You Can Forget About Being In A Risk Group


As there are lots of different models of glucometers, you should know how to pick a good one. The first features you should pay attention to are:

● testing speed and accuracy; 
● amount of blood, which is needed for testing;
● size;
● memory;
● cost of a meter and strips;
● doctor’s recommendations.

According to glucose meter reviews, there are several popular devices:

Ascensia Glucose Meter (Bayer). This brand introduced its first portable glucometer in 1969. Since that time the company is a leader in an innovation program. The new technologies the manufacturer uses allow avoiding programming a glucometer and increase the accuracy of testing together with simplification the diabetes management. 
Freestyle Glucose Meter (Abbott) is a popular model on today’s market according to glucose meter reviews. The brand develops the products taking into consideration the wishes of people. Today the company is a conglomerate of MediSense and TheraSense. The acquisitions of these brands helped to develop the manufacturer. Being a leader in self monitoring glucometers, Freestyle produces the best devices.
Accu check Glucose Meter (Roche) has many advantages, which make it a strong rival to other brands. The basic features of this device include:


1. quick result (5-6 seconds);
2. good design;
3. good memory;
4. long life batteries;
5. moderate prices.

Lifescan Glucose Meter is presented in several main types, which provide accurate results and come in affordable prices. These models are easy to use and portable, which allows taking them with you going on vacations for a long period of time.

When a person has diabetes, his/her body cannot regulate glucose. People need medications and special diets.

A glucose meter helps to control blood glucose and avoid urgent problems.